Is it a megagame?

Just a short post this week.

I came across this chart I designed a few years ago now.
The final complete analytical flow chart will be more complex, of course – but as a starting point this was an interesting exercise.
I’m working on an updated version, so it would be very interesting to hear comments on how it might be improved or adjusted.

Anyone have any thoughts?


Is this a megagame? – discuss.
Or Is THIS a megagame?
What about this?  Megagame or not?

Next Week : The Origins of Megagames

One thought on “Is it a megagame?

  1. Some thing I have been bringing up in conversations about Megagames is that they are designed to generate emergent play, and that the rules have a lot of open doors for the players to plunge through into the unknown.With regards to the SCA war picture, while there are a lot of tactical decisions on the field, only a few of the players are empowered to make decisions at the operational or higher levels. So I think its more of a wargame or martial sport.


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